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Use post thumbnails from custom post type

@f-albert-work said in Use post thumbnails from custom post type:

Hey @tobiasger,

Yes you can do that. You must add the thumbnail support for the custom post type:

$args = array(
'labels' => $labels,
'public' => true,
'publicly_queryable' => true,
'show_ui' => true,
'show_in_menu' => true,
'query_var' => true,
'rewrite' => true,
'capability_type' => 'post',
'has_archive' => true,
'hierarchical' => false,
'menu_position' => null,
'supports' => array( 'title', 'editor', 'author', 'thumbnail' )
register_post_type('another_custom_post_type', $args);


Yes, I've added support since before. But I'm still seeing "No Post Thumbnails available to insert!" in the popup box when clicking "Post Thumbnail" in the LayGridder tool.

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layGridder/layTheme (un)shared development tree problems / features / requests

Hi @rsepierre!

Module CROSS Compatibility
There are 3 main ideas:

we want to redevelop Lay Theme with a frontend part like LayGridder we want to make it work with Gutenberg we want to develop an acf integration
This should solve the problem with cross compatibility.

We will face that problem in the next weeks.

VW vs %
We thought about that and try some solutions, but had some problems on firefox. We want to solve that issue in the future.

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Please name your browser and browser version

Deleted sections and now I can't add anything

Hey @tobiasger,

That is a state we did not expect. We will solve this issue in some weeks.
there are 2 ways you could solve this problem:

Add a "Top Frame" Go to screen options (top right) and enable the Gridder JSON box. -> go to Gridder JSON Box and replace
"rowGutters": [],
"rowGutters": [ {} ],
-> now save the post and you should see an empty row.


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Show a website you did that uses LayGridder


Ah! We love it! Very nice!!!!

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