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Gutenberg / Wordpress 5.0 compatibility

You can use LayGridder with Gutenberg thanks to acf-native-fields and my proposed change in this issue. As I mention there, I haven't tested if my change breaks it for non-Gutenberg sites but it works (moving both #gridder and #gridder-modals).

Keep in mind it's also better if you use ACF 5.8.0 beta2 so you don't see all kinds of empty acf meta-boxes.

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Fetch / Custom loop for post gridder rows

Dear @rsepierre
That is a great idea! Thank you for your valuable thoughts. We will take this into account!
Thank you for using LayGridder!


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Please name your browser and browser version

The use of VW intsead of %

Dear @rsepierre
thank you for your thoughts. We are taking this into consideration.

All the best and thank you for using LayGridder!



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