• llos


    Is it possible to load Gridded in backend only in specific pages or meta boxes? It would be great to have a function to load Gridder anywhere in the backend.

    I'm using ACF in many sites and it would be great to create an ACF field that load the Gridder inside. This will add even more powerful to your plugin.


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  • llos


    Is it possible to add a custom field to this menu from the image elements?

    I'm trying to build a parallax grid, and I would want the user have the option to set the speed ratio of each image independently. Any tip for this?

    Congratulations for this amazing plugin. This is really powerful!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • llos


    I've been playing with your plugin a while and I have a question:

    I want to separate each row for creating a slider. I can do it with the standard classes you add in each row, but I've been trying to wrap each row with a <div> or to add an extra class to each row and I couldn't manage to make it work. The filter for the row element is lg_frontend_hr?


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